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Genuine Swedish chocolate, made with love in Malmö.
Our boutique is chock-full (!) of organic chocolate and plenty of Fairtrade products, too.
Chocolate pieces

Chocolate pieces

We’ve gathered an assortment of our most popular, premium chocolates into beautiful boxes. Each selection has been created to treat you to exciting flavour combinations and special themes.

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Greeting cones

Greeting cones

Most of our greeting cones are bought as gifts, and the givers often want to share a message with the receivers. To help make yours the perfect gift, our cones have a range of different messages printed on their labels so you can warm both their hearts and their taste buds!

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Björn of Sweden

Björn of Sweden

Björn of Sweden was first crafted for export, but is now also sold locally in Sweden. Organic chocolate available as bars, cones and beautifully packaged boxes of chocolate pieces.

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Try our new Candy Stripe series

New name, new design and tastier than ever before

Tangy Raspberry

Tangy Raspberry

Dark milk with a bold raspberry flavour. Yum! Organic and Fairtrade. Tomorrow’s classic!

Chuao Venezuela

One of the world’s most prized cacao beans, roasted and ground on site in Malmö by your favourite Swedes. (That’s us!)
Sea Salt

Sea Salt

A seductively delicious chocolate bar made from exotic São Tomé cocoa and dusted with delicate sea salt flakes.
Dom Rep

Dominican Republic

A fruity, rich chocolate made from Fairtrade-certified cocoa grown in the West Indies.
Coffee Crush

Coffee crush

Real coffee beans ground and blended with scrumptious chocolate and a dash of creamy milk.

Esmeralda Ecuador

Made from Ecuador’s famous Arriba cacao beans, roasted and ground to perfection at Malmö Chokladfabrik.

Singin' in the rain

Milk chocolate topped with a sprinkling of sea salt – a modern take on a classic combination.
Master Blend

Malmö Master Blend

The beloved “house special” of our range, made using a secret recipe from the 1920s. Unbeatable!
Orange Zest

Orange Zest

Dark, organic chocolate from São Tomé, flavoured with tangy orange zest. Always a favourite.
Cacao nibs

Cacao Nibs

Dark milk (dark chocolate with a hint of milk) enriched with a sprinkling of cacao nibs. Irresistible!

Sambirano Madagascar

Beans grown by descendant of Swedish emigrants Bertil Åkesson. A fantastic chocolate with bold tart and fruity overtones.
Liquorice Root

Liquorice Root

The liquorice lover’s chocolate of choice! Liquorice from Calabria both blended with and strewn over the chocolate, with sea salt and aniseed added as the pièces de résistance.


West African cocoa enriched with spicy chilli oil. Mild to begin with, building to a fiery crescendo!
Peru 85

Peru 85%

Creamy, refined chocolate with a high cocoa content. Organically grown in Peru. Better than others’ (…if you ask us).

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