Arriba Organic 68% Cocoa


When we heard that this bean is called Arriba, we were so happy we simply had to taste it. And, ¡Arriba!, how delicious it is! Floral and chocolatey in one and delightfully intense. But that’s not all. To top it all off, it’s organic. Wonderful!

Just like wines reflect the flavours of the soil and climate of the area where their grapes are grown, chocolate’s flavour is also shaped by the cocoa beans’ surroundings. You certainly can’t fault the climate in Ecuador. In fact, the cocoa business is booming there. But just as the winemaker’s skill “makes” the wine, we’d like to think we play a part when it comes to quality chocolate. We roast these organic beans until the chocolate achieves just the right character: floral and chocolatey, robust and silky-smooth. Absolutely outstanding, if we may so say ourselves. But do try it for yourself!

  • Harvested: Nov - Dec.
  • Roasting temp.: 80 min.
  • Roasted: 135 °C C
  • Conching: 20-24h
  • Ingredients:

    • Cocoa mass*
    • Cane sugar*
    • Cocoa butter*

    *Organic ingredient

    Nutritional Facts 100G

    Energy 2399kJ
    573 kcal
    Fat 43 g
    - of which saturates 27 g
    Carbohydrates 35 g
    - of which sugars 32 g
    Protein 6,4 g
    Salt 0 g

    A Truly Nut-free Factory - Neither nuts, soy, egg nor gluten is handled in our factory. Basically, a chocolate for everyone.

    Brons Academy of Chocolate
    GT 16 1-star