Our old brand 1888 refer to the year the Mazetti started in Malmoe and this is of course also a very special year for us at Malmö Chokladfabrik. This was the year our old chocolate factory at Möllevången in Malmö was built.
However, we now feel like we want to continue our own journey and primarily promote our own name and that is the reason why 1888 have been replaced with Malmö Chokladfabrik as the main brand for our chocolate.
We do need a name for this specific series of chocolate for practical reason and we then felt that the Candy Stripe series was a good fit - the stripes on our packages is inspired by the striped chimney on our old factory, and "Polkagrisen" (candy striped peppermint cane) is also the nickname of the chimney.


Our most exquisite range


Pure chocolate and nothing else


"Enhanced" chocolate with something added