Criollo 70% Cocoa


Chocolate lovers’ Holy Grail – the Criollo bean. So unique that we had to ask the growers’ blessing to craft chocolate from these beans. We roast them carefully until the natural cocoa flavours and red berry overtones are delicately balanced with the smooth texture.

We feel a bit like country bumpkins when we say this, but we must admit that we’ve never tasted anything like it. Criollo beans from the nearly inaccessible village of Chuao contain absolutely no bitterness, but are full of natural aromas. It was as difficult to craft a perfect chocolate from these noble beans as it was to reach Chuao. We accepted the challenge with the greatest earnestness and roast the beans until the natural cocoa flavours and hints of dried fruit and raisins are in perfect harmony.

  • Harvested: Nov - Dec.
  • Roasting temp.: 70 min.
  • Roasted: 138 °C C
  • Conching: 24h
  • Ingredients:

    • Cocoa mass
    • Cane sugar
    • Cocoa butter
    Nutritional Facts 100G

    Energy 2420kJ
    578 kcal
    Fat 45 g
    - of which saturates 28 g
    Carbohydrates 32 g
    - of which sugars 32 g
    Protein 6,7 g
    Salt 0 g

    A Truly Nut-free Factory - Neither nuts, soy, egg nor gluten is handled in our factory. Basically, a chocolate for everyone.