Some of us working at Malmö Chokladfabrik

Lars Lindh

Chocolate Master

Founded Malmö Chokladfabrik (Malmoe Chocolate Factory) more than ten years ago. Responsible today as he was then for production of chocolate and boss on the floor. Lars likes to fix the machines and he is first in line when pork with onion sauce is served. Our Sambirano bar made from Madagascan cocoa is his new favourite.

Jakob Fylkner


Jakob is responsible for everything in numbers, he’s an engineer and likes order. He’s a goal striker in floor ball in his free time and Coffee Crush sums up the best parts of life, according to Jakob.

Anders Hansson

Sales Manager

Anders is our “rocker” and leaves Malmö then and now for music tours in Europe. He is responsible for sales to our key partners and also manages lots of other issues at the office. Esmeralda from Ecuador is Anders’ new chocolate love.

Jens Fylkner


Jens is all over the place that’s why he gets to be the CEO. Most of all he likes to dream about new products and new ways to pack them. In real life, he likes games, reading and eating good food. Liquorice root is the chocolate Jens would suggest you if you were to try something new.